Strategic Care Delivery Assessment

Artesient led a strategic care delivery assessment for an integrated health system to identify transformative care “interventions” that resulted in improvements for various chronic condition populations, most notably hypertension and diabetes.  Recommended care delivery changes were developed to maintain and enhance the quality of care and outcomes, while reducing overall care costs.  Specific changes were able to identify tens of millions of dollars in annual savings. 

Artesient conducted extensive care delivery analysis across multiple care facilities and was able to develop overall and “best-in-class” service and cost profiles (adjusted for multiple factors including demographics, condition control statuses, and condition severities) to identify and prioritize the care delivery and cost savings opportunities.


Clinical Operations Model Alignment

Artesient led a project for a National Specialty Disease Management Organization to improve the way in which nurses help patients better manage their health.  Development and definition of new processes and technologies resulted in refined clinical processes, revised day-to-day activities of both nurses and management, development of a set of high-level requirements for a new nurse workstation, and ultimately deployment of the changes throughout the company.

Artesient consultants held several key leadership roles and were able to drive to the implementation of new clinical and operational processes the management team believed would demonstrate improvement in patient health and cost savings while embedding a set of management processes that allows the company to track, evaluate, and improve performance in both clinical and operational areas.


Health Plan Technology Implementation

Artesient led and staffed a project for a major regional health plan to implement a solution to better manage their product offerings and develop new products more easily through benefit modularity and reusability.  Our engagement extended throughout the entire project lifecycle beginning with development of the pilot and continuing through the first production release.

Artesient consultants led a team of approximately 50 consultants, employees and developers to document detailed requirements, develop an architecture in which the system would be deployed, work with the vendor to expand system capabilities, and create and implement deployment plans including change management, communications, and ongoing business operations.


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