The Ideal Candidate

join_usThe ideal candidate for Artesient will not only fill the requirements of the specific job, but also fit within our culture. Our success at Artesient is based on building a team of individuals that are:
  • Positive, energetic and likeable
  • Flexible and adaptable to many different situations
  • Eager to bring structure, order and focus to ambiguous/difficult situations
  • Seasoned, experienced and confident
  • Problem solvers
  • Team players
  • People persons
  • Technically capable
  • Balanced with both people and technical capabilities
  • Solid communicators with excellent oral and written skills
  • Aligned with Artesient's Values

Delivery Manager

The ideal candidate will have a strong healthcare industry and consulting background with a desire to lead client engagements, manage executive and vendor relationships, sell significant add-on work and build the practice.  The Manager will be part of a group of professionals with a passion for working closely with clients and staff; assessing, developing, and implementing innovative solutions; exceeding client expectations; and growing presence and recognition within our healthcare industry focus.

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The Artesient Project Manager

The Artesient Project Manager possesses both industry and consulting experience. Our Project Managers are responsible for the delivery of a project to the organization and sponsor. They can provide support and guidance in one of three core areas: functional, operational, and/or technical.
  • The functional Project Manager is an expert in the business or functional focus of the project, and is also trained in project management practices.
  • The operational Project Manager is a professional that manages enterprise projects that cross all functional areas.
  • The technical Project Manager is a technologist that is trained in project management practices.

The Artesient Project Manager is responsible for matrix management of team members and key high-level deliverables:

  • Project Plan - creating, adjusting and managing the project plan
  • Project Budget - cost monitoring, invoice reconciliation and payment, team expenses, etc.
  • Resource Task Assignment - defining tasks in cooperation with each team member; providing time estimates and skill assessments
  • Resource Performance - monitoring and managing task completion and quality; identifying critical path issues and resolving them; removing barriers and facilitating solutions to promote a high level of team performance
  • Phase Definition - defining the phases and deliverables as appropriate for the individual project
  • Project Policies and Procedures - identifying and defining policies and procedures to which the team will adhere to in order to ensure the project's delivery on time, within budget and with the highest quality
  • Vendor Management - managing vendor relationships including deliverables, invoice approval, contract negotiations, issue resolution, etc.
  • Status Reporting to Sponsor - communicating comprehensive status reporting to the sponsor; escalating issues as needed; identifying management risk as appropriate
  • Functional/Technical Design - assisting in or facilitating functional and technical design requirement

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The Consultant at Artesient will have a three to five year background in consulting and healthcare with a strong desire to work as part of a team on client engagements.  The Consultant will be part of a group of professionals with a passion for working closely with the team in; assessing, developing, and implementing innovative solutions; exceeding client expectations.

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How To Apply

If you possess the blend of artistry, experience and the science found only in superior consultants, we want to hear from you. Be prepared to undergo the same thorough, rigorous processes we apply to project management in your interview cycle.

To apply for a listed position, or if you believe Artesient is the firm for you, please send us your resume and a brief note describing your interest on our Contact page.

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