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Why Artesient

What differentiates us from the other firms?

  • why_artesientOur practitioners have industry knowledge, business savvy AND technical capabilities to assist you in successfully managing your critical initiatives and realizing tangible value. Unlike most firms that provide business or technical expertise, most Artesient consultants are seasoned practitioners who possess specific domain knowledge and direct industry experiences, technical competencies and project management expertise
  • We work closely WITH our clients to develop and implement innovative yet practical solutions
  • We work closely WITH client project teams to deliver value. Though in many cases we lead critical initiatives, we pride ourselves on being part of the team
  • Our most experienced consultants don't just oversee our assignments, they actively lead them

Our Approach

  • We leverage extensive program / project experiences across many relevant dimensions:

    • Full Life Cycle Expertise – Our senior consultants have 15 – 20+ years of managing all phases of major implementations – conception, initiation, definition, design, development, and implementation

    • Transformation Initiatives – Our consultants know how to manage transformations that deliver value to the customer through a focus on people, process and technology. In addition, Artesient transformations emphasize operational sustainability and ongoing benefit realization

    • Vendor / Technology Assessments – Artesient IT consultants possess an array of technical competencies including, technical requirement definition / specification, application architecture, infrastructure, and data management. A component of most of our assignments includes evaluating various vendors and technologies, and managing vendor activities and performance for our clients

  • Our consultants are business solution designers – While many of our consultants possess extensive technical backgrounds, we never lose sight that adding value is the primary measure of success - for our clients and their customers. Artesient consultants have that rare combination of business savvy and technical acumen that is instrumental in successfully managing large, complex transformation initiatives

  • We collaborate – Through years of experience, we have confirmed time and again that an open and collaborative consulting style achieves the best results. Our consultants work seamlessly with client staff. We frequently coach and mentor client staff

  • We have extensive program/project management experience – One of Artesient’s primary areas of expertise is the design, deployment, and administration of program/project management infrastructures. For large, complex initiatives it is critical to have a well-defined, structured, staffed and managed program office

  • We have superior staff – Artesient has resources with substantial consulting and / or industry credentials. Most of our staff has previous work experience with international / national consulting firms and / or technology firms.  Most other firms will assign a senior practitioner supported by several entry level / junior consultants. All of our practitioners have “been there and done that”

  • We leverage your people – Our preference is to leverage as many of your people, not ours. We have found that the most successful projects are those in which we work closely with your staff. Greater client involvement promotes engagement in, and ownership of, project recommendations and outcomes. It also helps to retain key project knowledge or intellectual capital within the organization for a greater return of the project investment

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