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Our Transformational / Operational Services

Our Transformational / Operational Services

transformational_servicesOur transformational services focus on defining, leading, and managing initiatives that, through organizational, process and technology enhancements, deliver significant value to our clients, primarily in the areas of care delivery, operations / administration, and customer service.
  • Program / Project Definition and Design - Program development including such components as charter, sponsorship, approach, organization, management processes (including reporting and communications)
  • Future State Development and Roadmap - "Operationalizing" of the high-level strategy
  • Business Case Development - Model for defining / forecasting one-time and ongoing costs and benefits for selected initiative
  • Management Reporting (Metrics, Dashboard, etc.)
  • Project Management - Leadership and management for effectively implementing initiatives and realizing results
  • Process Improvement / Optimization Design - Detailed solution development (e.g. requirements, design, development, testing) for realizing expected outcomes / benefits Process Improvement /Optimization
  • Implementation - Day-to-day implementation support to "operationalize" initiative
  • Training - End-user and support training for implementation and ongoing operation of initiative
  • Benefit Realization - Development and implementation of structure, processes and reporting to track actual costs and benefits of initiative, including comparative assessment of forecast costs and benefits
  • Interim Management - Temporary management assistance for departmental business functions
  • Vendor Management - Oversight of vendor(s) to promote timely and high quality outcomes. Assistance may include review and updates to vendor plans and various deliverables (e.g. design documents)
  • Organizational Assessment / Alignment - Assessment and organizational design recommendations for initiative management / staffing model
  • Change Management - Design and implementation of change program to promote successful implementation (e.g. change assessment and recommendations for 4 change phases - 1) awareness, 2)understanding, 3)acceptance, and 4) adoption)
  • Communications - Stakeholder communication design and implementation
  • Regulatory / Compliance - Design and implementation of "pure" compliance initiatives or compliance assistance for broader business initiatives. Areas include HIPAA, SOX, and others
  • Risk Management - Usually part of overall Program Management; ongoing assessment of program risks and development of various mitigations and contingencies
  • PMO Design and Development - Processes, structure (including governance), communication, and reporting for promoting proactive oversight / management of initiatives
  • PMO Delivery - Day-to-day administration of Program Management Office

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