Strategic Services

strategic_servicesOur strategic services often focus on the "up-front" work to define, assess, and validate opportunities for new markets, products and / or services. We also assist our clients with prioritizing initiatives, maximizing the return of their initiative portfolio, and helping to create the vision and direction for launching new programs.
  • Market Assessment - evaluation through primary and secondary research of market drivers, trends, opportunities and challenges used as input for strategy development
  • Benchmarking - metrics secured through primary and secondary research covering such areas as productivity, efficiency, customer service, cycle times. Used to confirm "current state" and establish strategic targets
  • Future State Development - Qualitative and quantitative description of business outcome(s) (e.g. defining the "destination")
  • Alternative Analysis - Business scenarios for realizing future state, including such items as approach, assumptions and dependencies
  • Strategy / Long-Range Business Planning - Business plan for selected strategy including business case
  • Financial Modeling - Detailed financial modeling and sensitivity analysis for such forecasts of break-even, IRR, and NPV
  • Portfolio Management / Rationalization - Processes, governance, reporting and communication for effectively defining and managing investment portfolio

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